‘Go Home or Face Arrest’

This is the slogan used by the Home Office in a number of London Boroughs as the first stage in a national campaign on immigration. A warning to those who have come to the UK and now reside here illegally coupled with an offer of help to those who choose to leave voluntarily. Despite only being seen in a small part of the capital, the campaign has quickly attracted national attention following a number of complaints about the use of the phrase ‘Go Home’ and its perceived links to slogans used by racist groups.

Racism exists – I am not going to deny that for a second. It is a real and often devastating evil which is all too common in our society – it should not be tolerated in any form.


It can also not be denied is that we as a nation have, in some instances, become enormously over sensitive to matters of political correctness. We now exist in a world where common phraseology is challenged because of its potential for mis-interpretation rather than any actual intended malice.

I received an interesting response to a tweet published earlier today in preparation for this post – The comment was that if you apply the same sentiment to a similar message such as ‘Burglars – Stay at Home or Face Arrest’ it would probably not even cause an eyebrow to be raised. There certainly wouldn’t be such widespread media attention.

I have stood toe to toe in the High Street with groups of many backgrounds. I have told them all in the same way to ‘Stop fighting each other and go home’ – they too have been threatened with arrest if they persist in their illegal activities.

On at least one occasion I have been accused of being racist by one member of such a group who was of mixed race and picked up on those two words – ‘Go Home’. He immediately attached a racial significance to them and reacted against me on that basis. His defence to the assault of racial provocation was completely destroyed the footage of me using the same phrase to at least four other groups, consisting entirely of people of a white ethnic background, in the 45 minutes prior to his arrest.

I honestly believe that many of us in the UK are so caught up in what might or might not be potentially interpreted as racist, sexist, or any of the other ‘ists that we have lost the ability to see a simple message for what it is. I believe that on some level, the Advertising Standards Agency is, by its very actions here, re-enforcing this Ultra-PC attitude rather than investigating a truly offensive message, designed to incite or promote a racist ideology.

I may get shot down for saying this but I honestly believe that there was no issue with the message on those billboards. If an extremist or racist chooses to take the intended message and twist it to fit their own aims, then the issue lies with them and it is them that should be investigated. If I come across an illegal overstayer I will detain them and seek to have action taken against them just as I would arrest and seek action in respect of one of the rapists and murderers that so many believe I should be out catching.

What I will say to finish however – because I can’t quite bring myself to write an entirely pro-government post – is that perhaps those in power wouldn’t have to expose themselves to such criticism if our borders weren’t quite so soft.

In other news published today it was revealed that only a small proportion of those found entering the country illegally from Europe had their fingerprints taken by UKBA officials yet 100% of legitimate passengers through the same ports had some form of biometrics collected. With such gaping holes in our border controls, is it any wonder that we have such issues with illegal occupancy and that our population has been swelled by 420,000 in just the last year including a staggering 165,000 more people immigrating to the UK than emigrating from it!

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10 responses to “‘Go Home or Face Arrest’

  • Alan Teather

    Ive been on the ASA website to look for a ” I support this ad” area but found nothing so I have used the “complaint” form to write a positive supporting “complaint” regarding this poster.

    Why oh why do the PC brigade get to do what they want all the time and believe me I am no fan of this horrendous coillition governement but in this instance i think they need support.

    Mind you I bet the ASA don’t advertise the pro support letters when they give out the number of complainants.

    • MinimumCover

      Careful with that one – the content of the complaint form will probably never be read but i bet the number of registered complaints just clicked up by one!

      Cynical maybe… But it wouldn’t surprise me at all!

  • The Monkey

    Sorry but I feel your support is naive. This isn’t about serious immigration policy, it tokenism and posturing to placate the UKIP nutters.
    Read the recent report form the ‘independent’ inspector for details of why this administration isn’t really interested in controlling immigration (the bits that haven’t been censored to protect May)

    • MinimumCover

      I am not as naive as you suspect. I am not blindly supporting this policy, nor expecting it to be any more effective than any of the other spectacular failures that precede it.
      My intention was to challenge the basis of complaints being made. This has been turned from a political statement with some potential for benefit, into a race related slanging match with none.

      I have no doubt that consideration was given to the UKIP vote and those of persons of similar political bent, but didn’t consider this to have been the primary point for discussion

  • ‘Go Home or Face Arrest’ | Policing...

    […] This is the slogan used by the Home Office in a number of London Boroughs as the first stage in a national campaign on immigration.  […]

  • David Smith

    Political Correctness – A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

  • TBL

    blimin lilly livered lefties, oh ‘ its a crime to protect laws ‘ is it!!??

    • no humanity without migration

      Well if the law’s crappy enough, I’d sure say yes, it’s a moral crime to protect it. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s a duty to fight it by any means necessary.
      But I do quite see the need for Tory types (and in fact the EDL scum as well) to disregard the connexion between the wealth of the north and the exploitation of the south, global capitalist exploitation and the control of the workforce. These power relations are at the basis of their constituency’s wealth, and in times of crisis scapegoats are a very useful thing. Divide et impera all over.

      Not that I think anyone reading this blog will take much notice. Sadly.

  • Four-Two

    Asian driver: “Why have you stopped me? You’ve stopped me because you’re racist.”
    42: “Er, no. It’s because your brake lights aren’t working.”
    Asian driver: “You’re still racist.”

    That’s how things are with some people.

    • David Smith

      And if you’re to take the recent IPCC ‘report’ they would still expect a positive finding of ‘covert’ racism, or expect action even though no evidence exists, or us to consider that we had somehow been racist anyway on some such spurious basis that we wouldn’t stop a white driver with a broken brake light or something.

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